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Street Fighter V ‘A Shadow Falls’ Story Expansion

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Street Fighter V ‘A Shadow Falls’ Story Expansion

The expansion is between three and four hours long and takes place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. It is designed to bridge the gap between the two games.

The Street Fighter V Cinematic Story Expansion, “A Shadow Falls,” depicts the ultimate battle between the evil Shadaloo organization and the heroic World Warriors who rise up against them,” said Capcom. “Seven “Black Moons” are deployed by Shadaloo, granting M. Bison unimaginable power and enveloping the earth in total darkness. Seeing the moons mysteriously appear in the sky, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li embark on an epic journey around the world to retrieve fragment pieces that are the key to stopping the “Black Moons” before it’s too late. Along the way, they encounter the rest of the World Warriors, each of whom have their own agendas and motivations in mind. The final battle between good and evil begins now!.

All six DLC characters will be playable in the story mode. This includes Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien, and Juri. The last three characters don’t officially release until later this year, which means everyone will get the chance to play them in advance.

Players can earn Fight Money by completing the story mode. If you beat it on normal you get 30,000 FM and on extra mode you get 50,000 FM.

Fight Money can be earned for free in-game, however, players will be able to purchase content through the PlayStation Store and Steam.

“Daily Challenges are currently being re-tooled and optimized for the game, and we will share the new timing of this feature as soon as we more details,” added Capcom about future content. “The feature will now be called “Targets,” and they will still be daily goals for players to complete and generate Fight Money, which can be used to purchase in-game content like new characters and costumes. New single player modes including Extra Battle and Versus CPU are also in the works. We’ll share more details on these modes and features as soon as we can.”

Check out some of the Screenshots:

“Capcom also talked about some additional updates that will come to Street Fighter V after the June story and real-money DLC options. Daily Challenges will be retooled and called Targets. Targets will be daily goals that allow you to earn Fight Money. Extra Battle and Versus CPU modes are also planned.”

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