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Stranded Deep
Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Is Now Free on Epic Games Store

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Today’s free game at the Epic Games Store is Stranded Deepa survival game that takes players on the role of a survivor stranded in the Pacific Ocean.

Beam Team Games’ Stranded Deep has been on Steam Early Access since 2015, however, the game has a ‘Mostly Positive’ reception on Steam. The indie game features a crafting system that allows players to craft spears, axes, bows, spearguns, and much more tools that will keep them alive.

Players must be on the hunt for the needed tools to craft, but there is more than a good crafting system, as the player can also take other roles as harvesting, craftsmanship, cooking, physical, and hunting. Skills that can all be leveled up for maximum efficiency or to unlock different crafting combinations.

Check this trailer here:

As it’s usual with indie game studios, the development team often takes more time to fix bugs and performances issues with the game, the development team at Beam Team Games explains what’s coming next on future updates:

  • Dealing with bugs -A lot of effort has been put into making sure your Stranded Deep experience is as bug-free as possible, however, the game is in an Early Access stage of development, so there will be bugs. We will be doing our best to squish them.
  • Performance – Optimizing performance is an important ongoing process that will continue through the Early Access period.
  • Island and Terrain Variety – Creating more unique biomes and biome parameters for different procedural generations.
  • More Wildlife – Incorporating more fish and shark species and more interesting island wildlife like birds, snakes, and lizards.
  • An End-game Scenario – Making it possible to complete a series of optional tasks and progress through the world in an attempt to be rescued.
  • Co-operative Gameplay – Where you can band together as a team of misfits and ration your supplies or eliminate each other one by one.
  • Improved User Interface – All of the in-game UI is temporary and will be replaced with a more fitting theme.
  • Occulus Rift Support
  • Controller Support

Stranded Deep is part of Epic Game Store’s ’15 Days of Free Games’. The platform is giving away a new free game every 24 hours for fifteen days straight. Tomorrow, December 29, the game will be replaced with a new offer.

Source: Epic Games Store

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