Story Quests to Tie-in with TinyWars’ Expanded Gameplay Model

Story Quests to Tie-in with TinyWars’ Expanded Gameplay Model

Progression through the Story mode of TinyWars’ complete experience will be driven by a quests-based mechanic, developer Bizurk Software has announced.

The unravelling of the game’s narrative will be spread out over multiple worlds, each of which are to provide several hours’ worth of game-play content.

Contrary to traditional tower defense mechanics where unit upgrades often do not persist from level to level, TinyWars’ virtual currency will allow for the purchase of more permanent in-game items.

While various quest-lines are currently being scripted, game-play videos illustrating the working of a planned RPG-tower defense blend of a game-play model will be shown off at a later stage.

Due for a release sometime this year, the story-demo will be a vertical slice of the full TinyWars experience that is currently having its various visual and narrative assets developed. Said narrative will begin by exploring the life of TinyWars’ main characters, their relationships and transformations over time. As players progress, the tone is set to get progressively darker until a few turning points are hit.

Check out the Trailer:

With the help of tiny witches, defend your main fortress against the relentless attacks of tiny enemies! Use strategy and wit to thwart wave after wave of enemy assault in this addictive title. The overall gameplay is similar to that of other defense games, and even players unfamiliar with the genre will find the game pretty easy to figure out.

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