Most of the games come to storefronts with price tag of $60 but it doesn’t mean you have to buy them exactly for that price. If you wait just a few months, there are lots of hefty discounts to come like Steam’s Summer Sale that will provide you most of the games with more reasonable prices. If you check your calendar, Summer isn’t too far away from us right now and if you manage to not purchase your games for another 30 days, Steam Summer Sale will grant you valuable discounts.

Leaked by Steam Database at Twitter, just like every year, 2019 will also have its own Summer Sale on Steam and according to multiple sources, the sale will begin as of June 25 and will allow you to purchase your beloved titles, if they aren’t EGS exclusive, for two weeks.

While Steam’s seasonal sales always surprise fans with its hefty discounts, it would be interesting to see what Epic Games Store has to do in response to the competitor’s big sale coming up soon. Some leaks suggest that Epic Games Store will also have a big sale in the near future, but full details yet to be known.

What do you think you are going to buy from Steam during Summer Sale? Don’t hesitate to share your choices with us.

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