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Steam Free
Steam Free

Steam Offers Two New Games for Free

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Steam is today offering two ‘Mostly Positive’ games, once is a single player adventure game called Showdown Bandit, the other is a multiplayer game called Geneshift: Battle Royale Turbo. Both games are free to keep, this means that once they are claimed, it will remain the library of the user.

Perhaps the most appealing offer is Showdown Bandit, the title set players in the role of a puppet which starred in a children TV show. As the show was cancelled, the puppet now decides to take an adventure throughout the set. Players will meet other puppet characters who are now broken into pieces. The game is basically a horror game, players will face disturbing enemies that will force the gameplay into a survival adventure where stealth is indispensable.

Geneshift: Battle Royale Turbo is, as the name suggest, a battle royale game, players can pick this game and have a different experience to other games in the genre. Basic gameplay features are conserved, players will drop in a shrinking area and defeat other players. Players who are defeated will remain on the map as zombies. Rounds in Geneshift are much quicker than other battle royale titles, the fast pace action of the game is one of its biggest features.

Players who don’t want to participate in the chaos of the multiplayer action, can play  in a more relaxed way through its single player campaign. Is important to mention that the game is on Steam Early Access, some of the features might change at a later phase of development.

Ben Johnson, the creator of the game explains that the title was not supposed to be available today for free, apparently there was a misunderstanding from the team at Valve and the game might be removed in the following hours. However, Johnson promises a proper giveaway will take place on soon.

Funnily enough, this giveaway was NOT meant to happen today. I woke up this morning to see that Valve accidentally enabled it a full month ahead of schedule! I have sent them numerous support requests to reschedule the giveaway to June as planned, but have yet to receive a response. (to be fair, they work on Valve time). Let me tell you, after a shock like that I didn’t even need my morning coffee.

I’ve asked Valve to cancel this giveaway now, so that I can do it *properly* in early June as planned. This means that the giveaway might randomly go away sometime in the next few hours. Rest assured, if you got the game for free, you will keep the game for free. And if you miss out, you can always get it again when we do the giveaway properly in early June.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more gaming news.

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