Steam Has One Billion Accounts Right Now

Today seems to need a great celebration from Steam as the platform has reached one billion units in number of accounts which is extra-ordinary number for the most crowded store and platforms to play games on PC.

While Epic Games Store is the most trend word of these days in terms of PC games’ stores, Steam still dominates in the world when it comes to numbers and statistics. According to a report from PCGamesN, Valve’s giant in digital stores owns more than one billion accounts as of April 28th, though it doesn’t mean the platform has one billion unique users, as some players have been using multiple accounts.

When it comes to active users, a report in October 2018 claims that Steam sees more than 47 million active users every day, which is approximately 90 million users for each month. The statistics becomes more interesting when you know that these users are making nearly 1.6 million purchases every month.

However, it would be interesting to see how these numbers change with the appearance of Epic Games Store in the recent months with some great exclusive deals that it has done with favorite developers to trap anticipated titles in the ironic cage of EGS.

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