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Steam Discounts on BAFTA Game Awards Nominees

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2019 BAFTA Game Awards winners have been announced last night, with God of War sweeping 5 awards including Best game. Although you can’t find Santa Monica’s masterpiece on Steam, the American store has got a lot discounts to offer you on winners and nominees of BAFTA Game Awards.

This special offers which last till April 8th, include all available games within the nominees those are approachable on Steam.

Let’s start looking at some popular ones with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey that has appears on storefront with hefty discount of 50% which makes it available for $29.99. Ubisoft’s stealth action adventure that also includes RPG elements, was nominated in most of festivals, though it didn’t win most of the prizes. If you like Ubisoft games but don’t want to purchase AC: Odyssey, then you better think about jumping into Far Cry 5 and its crazy world, which quite awesome with price tag of $19.75.

Life Is Strange 2 is going to receive its third episode in nearly one month an if you are hyped to take part in dramatic journey of Sean and Daniel, you can try out the game’s first episode for just $3.99.

If these well-known titles could catch your attention, then step forward for indie games with even cheaper prices, that look at you directly in eye to be purchased.

Dead Cells, Best Action Game at The Game Awards 2018, with its fast-paced hardcore combats and gameplay is available for $19.99. The game will receive its first DLC in following month. Roguelike fans who are looking for a tough challenge better not miss this chance. On the other hand, Return of Obra Dinn for investigating adventure fans and Into the Breach for creative strategy addicts are wise choices with $14.99 and $10.40. Finally, if story-driven indies with impressive gameplay suit your type, don’t hesitate to buy Celeste or Gris for $13.39 and $12.74.

At the end you can read the full list of discounts down below, which also includes VR titles like Moss and Beat Saber.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey $29.99
  • Far Cry 5 $19.75
  • Life Is Strange 2 $3.99
  • Overcooked! 2 $23.44
  • Reigns: Game of Thrones $2.99
  • Donut County $9.09
  • Return of the Obra Dinn $14.99
  • Subnautica $17.49
  • Celeste $13.39
  • GRIS $12.74
  • Elite Dangerous $10.49
  • Yoku’s Island Express $9.99
  • Into the Breach $10.04
  • Frostpunk $17.99
  • LEGO: The Incredibles $39.99
  • Minit $5.99
  • Dead Cells $19.99
  • Moss $22.49
  • Beat Saber $19.99
  • Cultist Simulator $13.99
  • 11-11 Memories Retold $14.99
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege $10.99
  • Two Point Hospital $23.44

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