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Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED
Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED

Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED Expansion Launches January 24th

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Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED Expansion Launches January 24th

Arcen Games is pleased to announce Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED – a new expansion release for Arcen Games’ robot-blasting roguelite Starward Rogue.

Starward Rogue is a roguelite labyrinth lodged in the side of a star. Dodge gorgeous waves of bullets, claim weapons and upgrades, defeat The Warden, and rescue some fellow named Rodney.

AuGMENTED is Starward Rogue, but bigger, better, and coated with gold. Newly added Gold Floors mysteriously appear throughout your run. Inhabited by rare enemies, unique treasures await those who can overcome the challenges within.

  • A new gold floor with unique challenges and rewards
  • 3 new mechs: The Zephyr, The Paladin, and the Warhog
  • 90+ new items
  • 30+ new enemies
  • 125+ new rooms
  • 8 new room obstacles such as the pulse trap and the flamethrower turret
  • 10+ challenge rooms (a new room type exclusive to the gold floors)
  • 6 new minibosses
  • 9 new bosses
  • 4 new music tracks composed by Pablo Vega and The Overthinkers

AuGMENTED is set to launch on Steam, Humble Store and direct from developer for $6.99 on Wednesday, January 24th.

Check out the Trailer:

Starward Rogue was one of the better action-roguelikes released in the last few years, and while it never lit the Steam charts on fire it’s gotten consistent and regular updates over the last two years.  The review I wrote back then is still mostly valid, but there are so many additions, perks, enemies, and upgrades available that it’s unquestionably out of date.  While all of this has been free so far, there’s a DLC on the way collecting a ton of new content in the form of a pile of new Everything- enemies, playable mechs, rooms, upgrades, challenges, bosses, music, and even a special gold floor that gives the AuGmented expansion its name.  The trailer below shows a good amount of this new content in action, except Arcen got impatient and decided on an early release for the two new mechs that were going to be a free upgrade to the standard version when the DLC launched.  As in, today-early.  The Penumbra fires slow but incredibly strong, goes down if you look at it funny, but has a smoke bomb instead of missiles that works as a Get Out of Death Free card if you use it in time.  The Alpha mech, on the other hand, starts as a good all-around fighter but its upgrades are truly random, meaning you can get something deeply amazing just starting out or find the cheesiest pea-shooter imaginable on the final floor, depending on the luck of the draw.

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