One of the great policies that Ubisoft follows, is to enter as many genre as the company can to develop new titles and grow its community. From a tactical first-person shooter like Rainbow Six: Siege to real-time strategy titles like Anno 1800, all create a wide variety of options for the gamers all over the world to finally find a game from their beloved genre that has been developed by one of Ubisoft’s studios. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is another title from a distinct genre that Ubisoft attempted to deliver to the players and according to what reviewers said, the company has partially succeeded in reaching the milestones it wanted.

While in terms of the quality of the product Ubisoft did a good job, Starlink: Battle for Atlas couldn’t represent a solid performance in sales, with its release on PS4, Xbox One and Switch in October last year. However, the publisher hopes to make it better by revealing release date of the game for PC on April 30th. Along with the announcement, the developer also shared Minimum and Recommended PC specs for the game to be run on different levels of details which you can check out here:

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

If you are going to get it, you better know the game needs at least an NVidia GTX 660 with 2GB of VRAM along with 8 GB of RAM which you can find on any gaming PC nowadays. Aside from hardware specs, Ubisoft hasn’t mentioned how much free space Starlink needs to be installed on your system, though it will be visible on digital stores soon.

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