Star Wars Battlefront ‘Bespin’ DLC Key Art and Info

Star Wars Battlefront ‘Bespin’ DLC Key Art and Info

The news comes to Design & Trend via a tweet from EA Quality Assurance Director, Ron Henseleit. He posted the image on his account just two hours ago. Attached to the tweet he wrote “check out our ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ key art for the Bespin digital expansion.”

There’s not much to note about the art itself except that we see the Millennium Falcon approaching the iconic saucer that contains the city. Other surrounding ships include X-Wings, TIE Fighters and, most curiously, pod-like Cloud Cars. The last vehicle on that list is not available in the current game but could very well be added in the DLC. They are commonly seen patrolling the outer areas of the metropolis.

While key art doesn’t necessarily confirm anything that’s included in the expansion, it has offered clues in the past. Shortly before the Outer Rim showcase in February, keen eyes noticed that both Greedo and Nien Nunb were featured in its advertising image. As season pass owners know, the duo was added to “Star Wars Battlefront’s” hero roster. This time around, if EA wishes to offer us any hints at all, it seems like it has something to do with these Cloud Cars.

Check out the Artkwork:

“Lando and Dengar both feature new traits that will give them unique gameplay abilities. Dengar is a villain that thrives on being in a fight. He wields the DLT-19, which makes him the first Hero with a heavy blaster so far. Lando is very skilled with a blaster too, but his greatest talent comes from knowing the odds and using tricks against his enemies.

Stay tuned for more details on game modes, star cards, blasters, maps and more.”

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