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Ubisoft announces Star Trek Bridge Crew – VR game

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Ubisoft announces Star Trek Bridge Crew – VR game

Today, we got our first official look at the team-based space flight game, called Star Trek: Bridge Crew. that is supposed to be coming later this year to all major virtual reality platforms.

Bridge Crew is a co-op game – presumably an online one – that casts four players as the captain, tactical officer, engineering officer and helm officer of a Federation starship called the Aegis. The four sit aboard a virtual starship bridge – modelled on the Enterprise’s bridge in the films – operating their desks on the vessel using motion controllers. They talk to each other to co-ordinate their actions.

The goal of the project, according to the author, is to “Place you on board the ship. Walk the corridors. Explore the unseen rooms and communal areas. Hear the engines. See the screens. Fly the shuttlecraft. Exist as a member of the crew.”

Check out the E3 Trailer:

“Each role is fairly self-explanatory. Helm is in charge of the ship’s speed and positioning, as well as plotting courses and engaging the warp drive; Tactical handles weapons and shields; and Engineering focuses on power distribution and repairs.

The Captain is a special case. He or she receives privileged information about the mission at hand. Details that individual crew members need not be aware of. It’s the Captain that processes ever-changing mission parameters, then doles out orders as needed.”

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