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Star Ocean 5 launches June 28 in North America, July 1 in Europe

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Star Ocean 5

Star Ocean 5 launches June 28 in North America, July 1 in Europe

Square Enix has announced the European release date for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, alongside officially confirming the North American release date.

The game will launch on July 1st, while a North American date is set for June 28th only on PS4 (PS3 version only in Japan)

The game is getting two editions in North America:

Collector’s Edition (goes for $109.99, exclusively via the Square Enix Store)


  • Collector’s Edition steelbook case containing the game and “The Sounds of Star Ocean”: a CD sampler soundtrack featuring 16 tracks from famed composer Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of series, Valkyrie Profile® series, Dark Souls series)
  • “The Art of Star Ocean”: 80-page hardcover art book featuring art from theStar Ocean series
  • Eight exclusive art cards featuring illustrations from character designer “akiman” (Street Fighter series)
  • Pangalactic Federation ID card
  • Six background battle music themes from Valkyrie Profile, Valkyrie Profile2: Silmeria and previous Star Ocean titles that fans can play during battle
  • Download code for in-game items that will aid Fidel and the crew on their journey: The Ring of the Valkyries, Gold Bunny Statue,  Bushybrume Cincture, Wristlet of the Stars and  Secret Sthalian Tome

Day One Edition ($59.99)


  • “Ring of the Valkyries”
  • “Gold Bunny Statue”
  • “Bushybrume Cincture”
  • “Wristlet of the Stars”
  • “Secret Stahlian Tome”
  • Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth BGM

“When Integrity and Faithlessness launches on June 28 in North America and July 1 in Europe, Star Ocean fans will be able to enjoy the franchise’s first new launch in seven years. Integrity and Faithlessness will allow you to take up to seven characters into battle, complete with the ability to execute multi-character combos. If you don’t enjoy the English voice acting, Integrity and Faithlessness will also include the original Japanese voices complete with subtitles.”

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