Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard Details & Overview Trailer

StarFox Zero

Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard Details & Overview Trailer

Nintendo just unleashed a massive almost six-minutes trailer for Star Fox Zero, which gives players a clear overview of both Zero and the bundled-in Star Fox Guard. It highlights just about everything you could want, from the vehicles on offer to a bunch of new mechanics.

The video also clearly shows how the GamePad is used in tandem with the TV for a more precise first-person view. The biggest reveal however is exactly what the Falco amiibo will unlock — a Black Arwing. We already knew that the Fox figure would provide a retro skin.

As players progress through the game they’ll be able to return to earlier missions to find hidden collectibles and alternative routes that offer brand new challenges. For instance, the standard route through the bioweapon-filled planet Fortuna ends with a climactic battle against the imposing Monarch Dodora, but after clearing a certain story mission, confident pilots can return to Fortuna and choose to branch off in pursuit of Star Wolf instead. With multiple paths through the game bringing new challenges and surprises, there’s one to suit every skill level and play style.

Check out the Trailer:

“Nintendo also recently released details about Star Fox Zero‘s file size for players who want to download the digital version of the game from Nintendo’s eShop. The title will weigh in at 7514.10 MB, although Star Fox Guard — a new and separate title in the franchise that is sold separately — will come in at 2329.41 MB.”

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