STALKER 2 Reportedly Featuring ‘Huge’ Number Of Endings

STALKER 2 will feature multiple endings and could also support Xbox modding as revealed by GSC Game World’s PR manager, Zakhar Bocharov.

Bocharov was hosted in the Not brought in podcast where he stated that the game will offer a “non-linear storyline with a huge number of branches and different endings”. According to Bocharov, STALKER 2 is a game that you want to buy, finish and replay for the sake of history.

STALKER 2 is a brand-new entry in the legendary series, enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. The explosive combination of first-person shooter, immersive sim, and horror is back. It’s the ultimate STALKER experience of unprecedented scale, advanced graphics, freedom of choices, and the thickest atmosphere of a deadly adventure.

Welcome to The Zone — an area of exclusion around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Full of radiation, mutants, and anomalies, it keeps drawing adventurers from beyond the perimeter. Bounty hunters dwell deep into the Zone, driven by its treasures and mysteries. These people are known as stalkers. Are you ready to become one of them?

STALKER 2 will also feature a living world simulating system enhanced by A-Life 2.0, a technique designed to control the state of the world, and the behavior of the characters and mutants.

Is expected that A-Life 2.0 will be largely important to keeping track of the player’s decisions and determine the ending of the story, it’s confirmed that the decisions made by the player will not cause only short-term outcomes but will shape the world itself.

A-life 2.0 is a different level of performance,” affirms GSC Game World. “We’ll pay enough attention to it closer to release. It’s a wildly cool system that works really well and there will be something to show.

Source: Not Brought In Podcast via GAMINGSYM.

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