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Stadia Will Be Supporting Xbox Adaptive Controller at Launch

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Google finally unveiled its mysterious gaming platform during recent days at GDC 2019. Stadia, is the most serious streaming project in gaming industry right now and will make its way to our devices later this year. Although some different aspects and features of Stadia was introduced during the conference, still there are so many questions around the platform’s upcoming games and its internet usage. However, Google continues to reveal new details on Stadia post-conference, like supporting Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is just announced.

Google has previously pointed out that Stadia will support other gaming controllers, beside its own, and today the company announced that even some unique controllers like Xbox Adaptive Controller will be supported by Stadia. This is a great news for the industry that every company tries to support its community as well as it can. With such a good capability, Stadia will be able to expand its players and users to a much bigger number at launch.

Aside from the controller, two other important obstacles are ahead that could somehow avoid Stadia from reaching its primary goals. First is to provide streaming via low speed internet, which Google has promised to work on real hard and deliver an smooth experience of gaming to as much people as the developer can. Second problem, is to create and publish different contents in order to serve players with great amount of games. While some developers have announced their support on Stadia, Google will have to expand its first-party studios for developing big, AAA exclusive titles.

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