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Stadia controller
Stadia controller

Stadia to Feature Trials for Both Games and the Service

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Google’s surprising appearance in the gaming industry as a platform holder will be happening later this year in November making it the very first company behind a fully streaming platform. Even now that we are only a few months away from Stadia’s launch, there are doubts about the platform’s success regarding its different aspects that all seem new to gamers. This is a huge change for gamers to farewell their beloved consoles and start gaming on an online subscription-based service, but anyway it seems to have the potential to for conquering the video game industry in the future, though it might seem a bit ambitious for now.

Google is completely aware of how it could be tough to gamers to leave their consoles and play on Stadia, and that’s why they have some post-launch plans to allow you give their streaming platform a try for free. Stadia will be available on November 19 as Founder’s Edition, but the free version will be coming next year. In addition to the free access for the service, the company is also preparing some trials offers for Stadia’s upcoming games.

During one of the recent episodes of Stadiacast, John Justice, head of product at the team behind Stadia, revealed the aforementioned plans for the service. He said:

There’s the launch stuff and then there’s OK, what do we want to do next, next and next after? And so trials are something that’s high up on the list. We’re just working through what’s the right when and how exactly to set it up, and you can imagine how busy things are now just getting ready for launch.

I think if you look at our plan to make as many people be able to try this as possible, you want people, whether they’re already on Stadia, to let them go discover new games, new things, stuff you haven’t tried. And then also people who – if you haven’t given it a try – we want to let you jump in just as easily as you can. So I think both of those things are trials that we want to support.

Google’s Stadia will be receiving some big titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint after launch.

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Source: VG247

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