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Square Enix
Square Enix

Square Enix Is Working On An Action RPG For Switch

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Square Enix Is Working On An Action RPG For Switch

Recently, a job listing was posted by popular publisher Square Enix in search of a project assistant that will be working in a Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch action RPG that is being developed by Square’s Business Division 8, a studio that is the one behind Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, the Secret of Mana remake, and Imperial SaGa.

In the job listing Square Enix says that the project assistant will be tasked with supporting the producer as well as advertising duties for the project. But they didn’t revealed more information about this action RPG project other than it will be launched for Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Business Division 8 were also involved in several smartphone ports, like Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Dimensions II and Dragon Quest II, III, VI, V, VI, VII. This studio also helped in the co-development of Adventures of Mana.

This job listing were released after a requirement opportunity showed up at the career’s page of Division 8-10 for Project Assistants, and in the requirement page it reads:

“The 8th BD develops and manages “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS”, “Seiken Densetsu” and “Imperial SaGa”, creates original works such as “Bahamut Disco”, develops cross-media, and distributes it worldwide..I will leave the project assistant task of action RPG for Nintendo Switch / PS4.

We will actively produce part of the project while supporting the producer about the production and promotion of the following games.”

Division 8 has also been responsible for the recent remake of Secret of Mana that came out back in February as well as the remaster for Final Fantasy VI, other notable titles include many mobile titles for both Android and iOS including Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games.

For now, the confirmed titles based on the job listing are PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but it’s possible that these titles could make their way to mobile or even Xbox.

No confirmation or official announcement regarding this title has been shared by Square Enix but we’ll report it as soon as it’s confirmed.

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