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Square Enix Creates 100 New Positions at Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Monreal

Once upon a time, Eidos was a developer and publisher in the gaming industry, but in 2009 Square Enix acquired the company made it one of the main subsidiaries to develop titles like Deus Ex series and most recently Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Now, the latest news suggest that Square Enix is attempting to add 100 new positions to Eidos Montreal and expand it in different aspects.

Along with the Canadian studio’s expanding in terms of workspace, it will get nearly 100 new employees to help the studio on developing future projects, though Eidos Montreal right now works with Crystal Dynamics to shape up upcoming Avengers game for the next generation. Square Enix is likely hiring new employees in motion capture studio, user research lab, voice recording, sound mixing and photogrammetry studio.

Aside from Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal is the other studio that’s going to get expanded by the owner to develop new titles for mobile platforms.

Square Enix published both great and awful titles this year but Eidos Montreal is one of the top studios under the nose of Japanese company and it seems the time has come for the Canadian team to announce its next project, especially with the release of last piece of post-launch content for Shadow of the Tomb Raider last week. However, stay tuned for the live stream of Square Enix at E3 2019, as it might have some eye-catching trailers to show off.

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