Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Gets New Trailer During Nintendo Direct

During the Nintendo Direct yesterday we finally got another look at Splatoon 3. The trailer and the brief explanation they gave us after should do little to sway gamers as much of what was on offer should feel familiar, however, there is still some interesting stuff in the way of the story.

The trailer starts off by showcasing Turf War, which has been the basic multiplayer experience in the game since the first game. Similar to previous games these levels mostly seem set in skate park-like environments. It does appear this time around that levels might have more diverse platforming, though I will be honest I have not played Splatoon 2 in a while so do not quote me on this.

The trailer soon moves into its main focus, which is the storyline for this game. In the past stories have revolved around hub areas that have chapters the player can jump into. These chapters act as platforming levels that pay homage to the games of yesteryear.

It looks like the story structure will largely remain unchanged, but the theme this time is “Return of The Mammalians”. This is introduced by showing an Octoling covered in hair. For those unfamiliar with the dark Splatoon backstory, the game has been implied to be set on earth hundreds of years into the future after humanity wiped themselves out. This implies that an evolutionary change is about to take place.

Splatoon 3 was another game that was not offered a concrete release date from that event, another being Bayonetta 3. Given how we have not seen anything for the game since its announcement trailer I’m sure most people are just glad it showed up. It will be inking up the turf on the Nintendo Switch at some point in 2022, which is consistent with its original trailer.

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