Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Finally Gets a Trailer And Release Window

Despite going into this Nintendo Direct feeling it was finally time to get a look at Bayonetta 3 I will openly admit I did not expect my wish to come true. I am presently surprised however to state the following words… Bayonetta 3 has finally received a trailer complete with gameplay and a new hairstyle.

This trailer drops shortly after series director Hideki Kamiya had assured fans that development on the game was running smoothly. He also stated he was excited to showcase the game, as he was very proud of it, but ultimately it fell to Nintendo and not Platinum games to decide when to finally showcase it. Most likely at the time of this interview the decision to premier it now had already been reached.

The trailer opens with a large monster smashing up Shibuya. The military is deployed but is clearly unable to best the beast. Finally, something shoots several bullets at the monster in the shape of purple P (I assume for Platinum). At first, it appears like a dog figure was the culprit, that is until the titular hero appears in the square to save the day.

Similar to Bayonetta 2 the character will have a new look and hairstyle to go along with her new outing. This plays into her core ability to use her hair as a weapon, and the personality of her character established across both previous games.

Bayonetta will be armed with a few new abilities judging by the trailer, but for the most part fans of the series should expect more of the same which is definitely not a bad thing.  Quick dodges will activate her slow-motion witch time, her four guns allow for fast ranged combat, and he quick melee attacks allow her to fight multiple enemies before backing out and doing it all over again.

Unfortunately after all this time waiting the one thing we did not get was a release date. While the trailer states that we can expect the game in 2022, after all this time with no word that might seem dubious. All we can do is trust Hideki Kamiya who seems confident that the end of development is nigh.

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