Spike Chunsoft Makes Big Announcements at GDC 2019

Spike Chunsoft Makes Big Announcements at GDC 2019

Spike Chunsoft today revealed at The Games Developers Conference some exciting news about the upcoming titles to release this year, we could hear more from the development of the game by Director Kotaro Uchikoshi, Director Fuyuki Hayashi and Assistant Directo Akira Okada.

First we got to know that AI: The Somnium Files will be releasing on July 25 Japan/North America for the PS4, Switch and PC via Steam. A new trailer debuted reveals a first look at the world of AI: The Somnium Files.

Check the GDC trailer down below:

The second game confirmed to be releasing this year was CRYSTAR, developed in partnership with Furyu Corp. this game it’s coming on August 27 with English voices.

In CRYSTAR players will be able to explore the afterworld of Purgatory as Rei and combat the Souls of the dead to save her sister. You will be able to take the role of four different characters and unlock their memories to learn the truth behind their stories and secrets. Players will have the ability to Cry to empower their equipment and summon a Guardian, a powerful ally to defeat their foes. In CRYSTAR, tears aren’t a sign of weakness, but of strength.

An announcement trailer was also revealed:


Fire Pro Wrestling World Suda 51 was also revealed, this will be a DLC from the writer responsible for the infamous, shocking scenario from Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special (Super Famicom, 1994), returns to burn down the ring with a new DLC scenario for Fire Pro Wrestling World.

For the last announcement Spike Chunsoft revealed a demo for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, this demo it’s coming for the PS4 on March 26, users who takes part in the demo will receive an item pack when the game releases on April 9th.

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