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PlayStation Jim Ryan Pic
PlayStation Jim Ryan Pic

Sony’s Jim Ryan Discusses PlayStation 5 Dream

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In an interview with gamezindustry.biz, Sony’s Jim Ryan discusses the company’s dream for what the PlayStation 5 will achieve and how to achieve it.

One of the primary takeaways from the interview is that Sony is looking to streamline the productization of the PlayStation 5 compared the company’s previous console generations. “The product planners are now having one conversation instead of three different regional conversations, where they needed to reconcile positions that were often conflicting or contradictory, with an endless process of iteration and consensus.”

Whether or not this means games will still be geo-locked (playable only in the region for which it was coded) is unclear, but this development could make it easier for gamers everywhere to acquire their games while traveling or relocating altogether without having to get a console or game developed specifically for their region or destination.

Ryan goes on to discuss the future of marketing campaigns for the PlayStation 5 with gamezindustry.biz. From Ryan’s comments, it appears that Sony wishes to make their marketing campaigns more streamlined as well, using similar tactics in every region while simultaneously tailoring those campaigns to those regions. “The European application showcases FIFA principally, the US executions showcases Fortnite, and the Japanese execution showcases Final Fantasy VII.”

 After reaching 100 million in units sold for the PlayStation 4, Sony is continuing to innovate both the PlayStation 5 and their approach to reaching more gamers in ways their competitors are not. While 100 million units is a high mark of success for the PlayStation 4 and its manufacturer, aiming higher is the only way the company is going to continue and improve upon that success.

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