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Hermen Hulst Pic
Hermen Hulst Pic

Hermen Hulst New Head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios

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Hermen Hulst, the former managing director of Guerrilla Games, has been named the new Head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios.

In this new role, Hulst will “manage and lead all game development across the 14 studios that form Worldwide Studios.” The announcement also comes with the knowledge that the current president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, will leave the position to “become head of a newly formed initiative that will focus on nurturing external independent creators.”

Hulst is a co-founder of Guerrilla Games, the studio best known for the Killzone franchise and Horizon Zero Dawn. While at Guerrilla Games, Hulst aided in the development of Decima, “a proprietary game engine launched in 2013 and used for the production of a range of titles, including the upcoming Death Stranding by Kojima Productions.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Guerrilla Games in 2005.

Commenting on this new development, Hulst said, “I have worked closely with PlayStation and the entire Worldwide Studios family since 2001, and I have the utmost respect and admiration for the creative talent and ambitious ideas within the network of studios across the US, Europe, and Japan.”

SIE Worldwide Studios is a group of video game developers owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) that was established in 2005. Essentially, it is an internal organization that oversees the functions of Sony’s subsidiaries in the video game industry. This organization is responsible for most, if not all, of the titles that are produced exclusively for the PlayStation family of consoles.

Guerrilla Games became part of this family of studios back in 2005 when Sony acquired the company, and has since continued development of the Killzone series and 2017’s award-winning Horizon Zero Dawn.

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