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PlayStation 5 Logo

Sony Walks Back Claims on PlayStation 5 Being World’s Fastest Console

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After taking some time to think about the future when it comes to console gaming and what competitors have in the works, Sony has walked back claims that the PlayStation 5 will be the fastest console in the world.

Originally, the company implied in a job listing that the PS5 would be the fastest console in the world, though the listing has been edited since its original posting to walk back that implication. In the wake of Microsoft’s Project Scarlett press releases and the buzz surrounding Google Stadia, Sony has taken a more conservative approach to marketing the next generation of PlayStation, going so far as to remove any mention of the PS5 from the aforementioned job listing.

However, the PS5 will surely still be a powerhouse. Considering Microsoft’s Xbox One X, in terms of pure technical specifications, edged out the PS4 Pro, Sony will have to consider what is the best course of action for competing with Project Scarlett.

While Sony still has a competitive edge over Microsoft in terms of the amount and quality of exclusives available on the PlayStation 4, particularly for DLC and game mode availability in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the Xbox One X is technically the more powerful console. Furthermore, Microsoft has made moves to improve their lot in the exclusivity niche of the market.

Regardless, both the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett will assuredly be powerful consoles, somehow managing to outdo their predecessors and give fans of each respective device a bigger bang for their buck. More information should give consumers an idea of what, exactly, will be capable of doing.

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