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Sony San Diego

Sony San Diego Developing The Next Uncharted – Rumor

According to rumors, the development of the upcoming Uncharted game can be in the hands of sports games studios Sony San Diego, there is speculation from both media and fans as the developer is currently hiring designers that suggest that a different kind of game is being developed at the studio.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Naughty Dog is not planning to develop future releases of the Uncharted series, the developer is focusing all its development team and resources on The Last of US II. This of course, does not means that PlayStation will stop making games for the franchise that allow the Japanese console to compete with its American counterpart and it’s Halo Franchise.

If speculation and rumors are true, Sony San Diego is the development studio tasked to create the upcoming Uncharted games, it remains to be seen whether if they’ll receive some direction or collaboration from Naughty Dog, or if this is just while The Last of US II is in development.

GameRant’s Nicholas Wilder explains that Sony’s owned studios are quite occupied with each working on following updates to their franchises.

Naughty Dog is moving onto something new. Bend Studio, Santa Monica, and Insomniac Games are all likely working on sequels to Days Gone (it sold very well), God of War, and Marvel’s Spider-Man respectively. Polyphony Digital would be in development on the next Gran Turismo game for PS5. Sucker Punch and Media Molecule are both releasing games this year with Dreams and Ghosts of Tsushima.

The initial reason that speculation about San Diego Studio developing a new Uncharted game began in the first place came down to the fact that the rumored action-adventure game was being developed in conjunction with another major Sony studio. It makes sense that Sony would want to tread carefully with such a high-profile IP and have San Diego Studio working alongside Naughty Dog before taking complete control of the franchise moving forward.

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