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playstation store controller
playstation store controller

Sony Fined For $2.4 Million Over Refund Policy

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Today, Sony lost a case against Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission over their PlayStation store refund policy. An Australian Federal Court has ordered Sony to pay $2.4 million dollars in AU(AU$3.5 Million)

The case was requested by 4 customers who found PlayStation’s refund policy to be misleading. They were refused refunds because they had downloaded games purchased digitally or 14 days had passed after purchase. Neither of these policies are in line with Australia’s consumer policies, which is why Sony was taken to court.

According to Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission, the company told customers that it could only authorize a refund if the original game developers of the corresponding game authorized it too. Additionally, the company told customers that the refund amount could only be returned to the customer’s PlayStation store wallet.

This case was filed roughly one year ago, and has only today reached a conclusion.

“What Sony told these consumers was false and does not reflect the consumer guarantee rights afforded to Australian consumers under the Australian Consumer Law. Refunds under the consumer guarantees must also be given in cash or money transfer if the consumer originally paid in one of those ways, unless the consumer chooses to receive store credit.” Said ACCC Chair Rod Sims.

This is not the first time a company lost a case over their refund policy. Steam lost a case against the ACCC two years ago over their refund policy as well. Since then, Steam has updated their refund policy so that consumers can refund directly into their credit card. Additionally, the company allows up to two weeks before refunds are no longer eligible.

It has not been announced yet how Sony plans to update their PlayStation store refund policy.

Source: VG247

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