Sony E3 2018 Plans, Rage 2 Imminent Announcement and Walmart Leaks – The Primal Podcast #7

Note – This was pre-recorded on May 12th, 2018

The Primal Podcast is a weekly fun and analytical podcast that will focus on big weekly news, interesting articles, industry drama, predictions and all things video games.

Today we will be discussing some of the Sony’s E3 plans and most importantly the crazy Walmart Canada online retailer leak that occurred over the last few days. The most interesting thing that came out of the Walmart leak was also a little game called Rage 2. The original Rage was developed by ID Software and unfortunately wasn’t that well received. However, it seems that the leak is real thanks to Bethesda’s constant teases and twitter replies over to Walmart.

Bethesda is very well known these days for announcing games 5-6 months prior to their release and Bethesda is also one of the few publishers that specialize in releasing great single-player games such as DOOM, Wolfenstein 2 and Evil Within 2. So, Rage 2 now seems not that out of the way and rather plausible. We’re also now well aware that the game will be announced on May 14th, 2018 – which happens to be tomorrow, but please keep in mind this was pre-recorded prior to that knowledge.

Gaming Instincts sits down and discuss what potentially Sony could be bringing to this year’s E3 and what are their plans for the near future as well, we also talk about what we’d like to see from Bethesda and discuss the games that were leaked out on Walmart’s Canada online website.

This time around we’ve also brought along a guest from the most well-known and most running Anthem podcast on the internet  – Freelancer Codex – JD.

Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for more news coverage, podcasts, pro tips & tricks guides, videos, features and of course most importantly – E3 2018.