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Sony CEO Discusses PS5 Backward Compatibility
Sony CEO Discusses PS5 Backward Compatibility

Sony CEO Talks PS5 Backward Compatibility, Says It’s A “Critical Success Factor”

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Earlier today, Sony held a Q&A for their investors regarding the future of the PlayStation brand and what’s to come for the next generation of video games. Beforehand, they revealed some exciting footage showcasing the power of the PlayStation 4’s successor, giving fans and investors a look at what to expect for the next iteration of the PlayStation console.

However, after the presentation the questions and answers report shared some crucial information regarding the company’s stance on backward compatibility. CEO Jim Ryan expressed the importance of the next PlayStation console allowing backward compatibility providing fans the opportunity for a smoother transition from the current gen to the next.

Ryan described the feature as “something that’s extremely powerful” and stresses the importance of allowing players to still be able to play their older titles with friends. VP john Kodera then explained that players won’t just be able to play PS4 titles on the next PlayStation console, but will also have the option of playing with their friends via cross-generation gameplay. The backward compatibility feature is described by Sony as being a “really critical success factor” and seems to be looked at as an important feature for the next generation console for both fans and investors alike.

While there’s been confirmation that the next gen Sony console will allow users to play their PS4 library on the next console, it’s still yet to be confirmed whether or not this only pertains to digital only media, or will include physical games, as well. The next PlayStation will come equipped with a disc-drive, so there’s little concern regarding this issue, but fans are also still wondering whether or not generations older than the PS4 will be playable, i.e. PS1, PS2 and PS3.

The next generation of video game consoles is beginning to heat up and players are now eager more than ever to know exactly what they’ll be receiving from their favorite console manufacturers. Stay tuned for more information regarding the next gen of video games as more details continue to drop, and expect Microsoft to reveal their plans at this year’s E3 next month.

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Source: Twinfinite

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