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Firewalk Studios
Firewalk Studios

Sony and Firewalk Studios Announce Publishing Partnership

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Firewalk Studios announced today a publishing partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for a new multiplayer game.

 For our team, the opportunity to create new worlds and inspire more amazing moments for players around the world is the fire and ambition that keeps us going. The PlayStation team has a deep love and respect for the medium of games, and some of the best expertise and capabilities in the world to help make big ambitions a reality.

Firewalk Studios affirms to be working hard on the development of the new IP, claiming that they “have been having a ton of fun playing” the game. Says Tony Hsu, studio head at Firewalk.

In fact, while we continued to grow our team during this challenging last year, it was our daily online playtests that provided the most consistent point of joy and connection for our crew. The fun and laughter of playing together brought us closer, even if we were physically apart. Our goal is to be able to deliver that same joy to gamers and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on when the time is right.

PlayStation’s new multiplayer IP is being developed under the direction of Ryan Ellis, Destiny’s Creative Director, Elena Siegman is the Executive Producer, she brings her experience as a producer for Guitar Hero II, Bioshock Infinite, and Destiny. Hsu suggests that the new IP could be inspired by Call of Duty and Destiny.

About Firewalk Studios:

Firewalk Studios is a new game development studio whose mission is to spark incredible multiplayer experiences that inspire memorable moments. We believe the brightest memories in gaming often come from playing and sharing experiences with each other. We are excited to be part of the ProbablyMonsters family of studios, and we are currently working on an unannounced, original IP that is being published by our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment. We look forward to sharing more about our latest project in the future.

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