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Sony Acquired Insomniac Games, the Team Behind Spider-Man

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Insomniac Games has had a long history of making PlayStation exclusive video games from the fifth generation of consoles with Ratchet & Clank series until last year with critically-acclaimed Spider-Man. However, the studio has always been a second-party studio and earlier in this generation worked closely with Microsoft to launch Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Xbox One. But now, the studio has been officially acquired by Sony, and this a huge news from the company that has skipped E3 2019.

Microsoft acquired couple of great and valuable studios during last two years, and this acquisition from Sony seems to be a great move from the Japanese company. Insomniac Games hasn’t revealed its next project yet but some rumors are pointing out to the next entry in Ratchet & Clank series. However, Spider-Man’s huge success in sales might lead both Sony and the studio to focus on its sequel to be launched on PlayStation 5.

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