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Sonic 30th Anniversary Stream to Reveal New Projects

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Anybody who though that a new Sonic game must be in the works for his 30th Anniversary might be in for some good news tomorrow. With the first half of the year being quiet on that front; Sega has announced a “Sonic Central” Event to air Tomorrow. Sega stated the event will showcase upcoming “projects, partnerships, and events to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary.”

The event itself will air at 9:oo am PT/12:00 pm ET on May 27th and will be available to stream on both Twitch and YouTube. While no new title in the SEGA flagship series has been officially announced, it would be unlikely they would not use this opportunity to present something of that kind. With the last full titles in the series being released in 2017 it is hard to imagine they will present at least a glimpse at a mainline entry.

Two games released the last time around helping to diversify Sonic’s portfolio. Sonic Forces saw a return to the 3D action that the franchise has been known for in recent years, however this game was met with mixed reviews at launch. The game was also noted as taking a step back from the previous title,  Sonic Generations, which was considered a positive step for the series as a whole.

On the other hand Sonic Mania, which brought the blue blur back to his 2D roots, was developed by a team known for their work in the sonic fangame and ROM hacking communities. It was very well received by critic’s and fans alike. The showcase tomorrow is sure to give a much needed look at where the series priorities are moving forward.

Thankfully, we only have a day to wait before get more concrete information.

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