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Sega Announces Partnership With EA

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Sega has just announced a new partnership with Electronic Arts that will see three games joining EA’s Origin Access, subscribers can now play Sonic Mania. Two Point Hospital and Endless Legend will also be available on Origin Access Premier.

Sonic Mania is a classic 2D Sonic adventure, the game features 60FPS with stunning HD retro-style graphics. Players can select from several classic characters such as Tails and Knuckles. The game also features the head-to-head Competition Mode and a Co-Op Mode.

Get your heart racing when you go explosively fast as Sonic, soar as Tails, or power through tough obstacles with Knuckles’ brute strength. With an exciting new twist on classic zones, you can re-live your favorite Sonic moments while fighting new bosses and Dr. Eggman’s evil robot army.

You can re-live the Sonic of the past with an exciting new twist on classic zones while fighting against new bosses and Dr. Eggman’s evil robot army.

Later this summer, take on the role of hospital administrator in a light-hearted simulation game that requires you to design stunning hospitals, cure peculiar illnesses, and manage troublesome staff on your way to healthcare greatness in Sega Two Point Hospital. Players can also take a break from simulated life and visit the doomed world of Auriga, which must be saved, players will lead their civilization to glory in the 4x turn-based fantasy strategy, Endless Legend when it comes to Origin Access Premier later this year.

Origin Access Premier features over 200 games, subscribers also are granted discounts in the Origin Store, as well as trials for upcoming EA titles, and a selection of premium games from EA releases and other publishers.

Source: EA

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