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Nam 1975 gameplay.
Nam 1975 gameplay.

SNK Hints at New NeoGeo Hardware Announcement Soon

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With all of the talk regarding Sony and Microsoft’s leap into next-gen, it seems as though other companies are looking to join in, as well. The most recent industry veteran looking to join the console competition for next-gen is SNK as they just teased that new NeoGeo hardware will be announced soon.

The tweet from SNK anticipates the new hardware will provide players with “a modern design and wonderful play feeling” as well as claiming that the new hardware will allow players a “NeoGeo journey that you have never experienced.” They also iterate that the new hardware will arrive after the NeoGeo Mini (which released last year) as well as being compatible with the small emulator console.

There’s been quite a few new companies looking to cash-in on the growing numbers in the industry. Over the years gamers have largely only have the options of the three major console developers – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. However, more options won’t exactly mean these new pieces of hardware will hold up against the industry leaders.

Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios has proclaimed future dominance with a new console, Intellivision has their retro-based Amico in the works and now it seems we can throw one more new console into the line-up. It seems like there’s going to be a lot of options to consider when deciding which console(s) are for you next gen; or a lot of consoles to ignore after you pick up your console of choice.

Regardless, SNK also revealed that more details will be arriving soon for the next-gen NeoGeo hardware announcement.

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