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Snack World to Launch for Smartphones in Japan in April 2017

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Snack World to Launch for Smartphones in Japan in April 2017

Level-5 shared a lot of details on their cross-media project The Snack World at Level-5 Vision 2016. During the event, Level-5 revealed that The Snack World launches for iOS and Android in April 2017 in Japan, and for Nintendo 3DS in July 2017 also in Japan. The CG animated series will premiere on TV Tokyo alongside the release of the game for smartphone.

The company also detailed the important elements of the game at the event. You get to choose whether to play the game either as Chup, the main protagonist of the title, or as your own characters.

Check out the Trailer:

“As for the full CG anime series by OLM, it will debut in April 2016 on TV Tokyo, where it will air in a prime time slot (between 6PM to 8PM during the week). But that’s not all: during the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference, it was also announced that The Snack World would also get a manga in CoroCoro magazine (to debut this Winter). And of course, there’s the toys by Takara-Tomy!

All these “dates” are only for Japan, but Level-5 reiterated that they’re planning to launch this cross-media project worldwide. Naturally, details for such a launch will not be revealed any time soon… in fact, it’s quite likely we will not hear anything until after the Japanese launch.

Next, some details! The Snack World takes place in a Hyper Casual Fantasy World, where convenience stores, cafes, vending machines, and smartphones can be found alongside the traditional weapon shops, inns, and other “traditional” buldings/facilities found in RPG. Below, you can see artworks for the French Toaster city, and the King Oyster City.”

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