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Smite Cthulhu
Smite Cthulhu

Smite Adds Cthulhu to Pantheon

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The lovecraftian creation Cthulhu will be joining the cast of gods and deities in Smite this coming June. Hi-Rez studios is excited to announce this mysterious addition to their pantheon, following the release of the Baba Yaga. Cthulhu will be playable character 109 added to the game.

“We want Smite’s Cthulhu to stay true to his literary depiction, while making him a fierce and intimidating monster – an iconic part of his modern interpretations.”

On their announcement at Playstation’s Blog, the studio provided insight into the design process of Cthulhu.

“At first we experimented with this god, trying to push the boundaries of his animalistic elements, especially in his body and posture. Ultimately we felt that these were too much of a deviation from his roots. We honed back in on his most infamous characteristics while augmenting his humanoid body with more crustacean carapaced elements. We also developed an element of asymmetry in his forearm to push him even further into monster territory and add more visual interest.”

Cthulhu Smite Art

Cthulhu has been a distinct character in many games prior to Smite. These games include Call of Cthulhu, Sinking City, and World of Horror. Smite will be the only one of these games that include Cthulhu as a playable character.

Smite’s cast includes distinct characters from different cultures like Persephone, Sun Wukong, and Thor. However, Cthulhu will join Smite as the first god of his pantheon.

His abilities include driving opponents into madness, which will add visual and audio confusion elements into the game. He is hinted to be a tank character with an ability that allows him to become permanently “tankier” with each use. Developers have claimed he will be scaled up to be the largest playable character in-game with his ultimate ability.

Source: Playstation Blog US

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