Six Days In Fallujah

Six Days In Fallujah Delayed Till Late 2022

The controversial war shooter Six Days In Fallujah has been delayed into Q4, 2022 announced publisher Victura today. This is replacing the previous launch window which was simply 2021. Since it is already November and another more than 2021 to go it, it had already seemed pretty clear that the game would be missing that time frame. With this delay comes the announcement that the project will also be growing in scope, with plans to “nearly double the size of the team”.

Originally being developed by Konami, the game was cancelled 11 years ago before being re-revealed to the public in February of this year. The game is now being developed by Highwire Games, with several Halo and Destiny veterans attached, including composer Marty O’Donnell.

The game’s subject matter has led to scrutiny and criticism from multiple groups. Six Days In Fellujia centers on, as the name implies, The Battle of Fellujia which remains one of the bloodiest conflicts during the Iraq War. Using that as a backdrop the game plays as a pretty straightforward military shooter that players should be familiar with by now.

Several Muslim advocacy groups took offense to the game, calling for consoles and steam to not allow the game onto their platforms. Victura boss Peter Tamte was also criticized for statements he had made, saying the game would provide “context” to the events but “without making a political statement either way”.

It was later stated this was retracted saying it would be unable to present the game without politics since the game uses a documentary style to present both US veterans and Iraq civilians who lived through the events, offering their perspectives.

Discussing the decision to delay and increase the team number, Peter Tamte stated:

It became clear that recreating these true stories at a high quality was going to require more people, capital, and time than we have. Doubling our team is just one of many things we’re doing to make sure Six Days in Fallujah brings new kinds of tactical and emotional depth to military shooters.

If you have an interest in Military history, that Six Days In Fallujah definitely brings interesting ideas to the table. It remains to be seen how it will stack up to other popular military shooters such as Battlefield or Call of Duty.

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