Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Showcases Its Take On Battle Royale

Battlefield 2042 was announced as having multiple modes. We had already gotten a look at its All-Out Warfare mode which includes the classic game modes Conquest and Breakthrough, which when played on next-generation hardware will allow for 128 player large-scale battles. Then later they showcased a mode called Portal which acts similar to Halo‘s Forge mode, allowing players to take elements from throughout Battlefields history and create their own modes using them. Finally, they have shed light on the last mode in the game, Hazard Zone, which is their take on battle royale.

This is not surprising as many people have theorized that the final mode was going to be revealed as some form of battle royale. With the genre still sweeping through the industry, and almost every existing franchise, this is a logical choice to round out the game’s large selection of multiplayer options.

Similar to the also recently announced Ghost Recon: Frontline, this take on battle royale is based more around objectives and surviving than it is around the killing. Before matches start, players will choose the specialists they want to take into combat. These are the same specialists you will get in other modes as well, though in this you will only be allowed one of each specialist for the team.

The story revolves around the political powers fighting over satellites that are falling to Earth, each with data that could give your country the edge over their enemies if you retrieve it. Your square of three is deployed and you then begin your fight over this data. Halfway through a match, there will be an extraction to leave the battlefield with your data. If you choose to remain and keep fighting and collecting, the last extraction will occur at the end of the game. Only two teams can escape during the last extraction, with teams that cannot escape losing everything. That being said, every team can die in the end too.

Battlefield 2042 will blast its way onto the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 19. For more coverage on Battlefield 2042, you can check out how cheaters have already started affecting the game, here.

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