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Shadwen Launches May 17 – PS4 & PC

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Shadwen Launches May 17 – PS4 & PC

Shadwen is a stealth-action game which has players striving to remain undetected. The story follows Shadwen, an assassin who plans to kill the king. On her way to perform the assassination, she meets an orphaned girl, Lily. The player will have to decide whether they will risk Lily’s trust by attacking enemies or by finding a way to avoid enemies.

The launch price of the game will vary slightly based on platforms and stores and their pricing policies. On PC it will be $14.55 / 14.55€ or less, and the regular price once the launch discount is over will be $16.99 / 16.99€ across all platforms and stores.

Players take up the role of an assassin named Shadwen whose mission is to kill the king. Along the way you run into an orphaned girl named Lily, further endangering your mission – the entire game has you balancing killing your enemies and putting trust in this young girl.

Check out the trailer to get a better idea of how the game works:

“Shadwen will have a medieval setting and we are proposed on a mission to try to end the life of a king. During his mission, our protagonist will encounter a young orphan girl named Lily who will accompany us on our trip, and we have to protect her.”

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