SHADOWMAN: Darque Legacy

SHADOWMAN: Darque Legacy Announced For PC and Consoles

Blowfish Studios announced the upcoming action RPG SHADOWMAN: Darque Legacy. A release date was not announced, but the game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Additionally, the game will have an original story written in partnership with the Shadowman comic book series publisher, Valiant Entertainment. An announcement trailer was also released. In SHADOWMAN: Darque Legacy, players “duel against a horrifying cast of enemies in challenging, visceral combat.”

The game’s details via Blowfish Studios:

For centuries, the Boniface family has carried a dark legacy—the mantle of the Shadowman, walker between worlds, sworn to preserve the veil between life and death. Now, novice Shadowman Jack Boniface is thrust into the path of a growing evil that threatens everything his predecessors fought for. Building upon the decades of Shadowman tales told within Valiant Comics, this new chapter is an original story developed in partnership with Valiant Entertainment.

In SHADOWMAN: Darque Legacy, duel against a horrifying cast of enemies in challenging, visceral combat. Clash with the fanatical Brethren cultists, from hammer-wielding brutes to sorcerous necromancers, and battle truly wretched creatures that have slithered forth from the most desolate depths. Deliver brutal and bloody finishers with a range of Shadowman weapons.

Explore diverse locations – traverse vivid, detailed locations in the Liveside, and wade through their dark reflections in the hellish realm of the Deadside. Shift between realms to solve unique environmental puzzles.

Ascend through an RPG-lite character progression system, upgrading your character to acquire new skills, and become a Shadowman worthy of fear.

Key Features

Enthralling Narrative – Pulse-pointed horror-action, with enthralling characters and dialogue.

Spine-Chilling Horror – An atmosphere thick with nerve-fraying tension,

Parallel Worlds – Explore detailed environments across two realms, creating unique gameplay opportunities.

Punishing Combat – Challenging, yet approachable and rewarding melee combat.

Action-Packed Boss Encounters – Test your mettle against monstrous, demonic bosses from the darkest pits of the Deadside.

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