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Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames Trailer

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Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames Trailer

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames is an RTS by developer Allied Games Inc. Players will fight in epic battles commanding hundreds of units using weapons, magic and tactics. The game allows the player to hire new units and customize their load-outs with items that have been collected. Items can also be combined with one another creating even stronger weapons that will give players an edge in combat.

The game offers a single player mode and a multiplayer mode, the single-player experience of the game sets players on a conquest of Hendrika, a divided kingdom of eight warring nations. Players can take upgrades they find in the multiplayer mode and transfer them to utilize in their single player campaign. Items are divided into two categories: active and passive. Passive items provide bonuses to a unit’s stats and, in some instances, abilities. Active items only provide bonuses when a player selects a unit with the item and activates it. These usually come with some added bonuses or additional control like focusing on individual targets.

The game is for PC only.

Check out the trailer:

“Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames Features:

  • A non-traditional fantasy world: You want something different, and so do we! Hendrika mixes technology with magic and the spice of real world conflicts.
  • A new form of RTS: Hire troops and send them out to battle, control stat boosts and abilities through the equipment system and make moral choices on how to handle allies and enemies alike.
  • A Single-player campaign: You are Garrison Captain Armas Vilhelmi, reluctant governor of a frontier town in the Republic of Three Towers. Your job: dealing with rioting slaves, hunting pro-magic terrorists and making the hard decisions no one else can!
  • A Multi-player campaign: You are the leader of your own army, serving any of Hendrika’s 8 nations in a living online campaign! Join forces with other commanders and lead your nation to victory!
  • The chance to make History: Nations will rise and fall, alliances will be shaped and wars will be declared. Ancient secrets will be sought and revealed. Ultimately, it is player’s successes and failures that shape the Future of Hendrika.”

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