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Severed New Gameplay Trailer

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Severed New Gameplay Trailer

Ever since it was first shown off two years ago, several gamers have been wondering when Drinkbox Studios would finally be releasing their new first-person dungeon crawler, Severed.Especially Vita enthusiasts, still starved for prominent high-quality titles. Well, after being delayed from its initial 2015 release in order to make the game even bigger and implement more new ideas, Drinkbox have proudly announced that Severed will finally be released for the Vita this month on April 26.

Severed is a brand new first-person dungeon crawling adventure featuring a unique art style and touch screens controls that fully utilize the potential of the PS Vita hardware.

Drinkbox Studios posted about the development of the on the official PlayStation Blog and clarified the reason why the game was delayed from its initial Spring 2015 release to 2016. According to Drinkbox Studios, they took a demo of the game to PlayStation Experience 2014 and the feedback that they gathered their was more than enough that they decided to incorporate some of the ideas for the game and delayed it for a whole extra year just to add some extra polish to the final game.

Severed is currently confirmed only for the PS Vita and will be out on April 26th. PS Plus members can get an exclusive 10% launch week discount for the game.

Check out the New Trailer:

“DrinkBox also announced that the game’s official soundtrack is also available to stream and download today featuring the music and original compositions by YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and special guests Pantayo,which can be heard by clicking here.”

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