Set sail and join Cloud Pirates in the next closed beta

Set sail and join Cloud Pirates in the next closed beta

The Allods Team and global publisher are proud to announce that players can now join the next closed beta phase for Cloud Pirates until January 2. Players can take command of one of many customizable airships and prove themselves in aerial team battles. This third closed beta test will expand in all new directions, such as the further developed “Captain Progress” system and additional customization options for all Ships. Players can work with a brand-new Crew System, with collectible crews that can adapt the way ships behave in the thick of battle.

Check out the Trailer:

“In addition, a brand new system will allow you to further your “Captain Progress” with every game played, regardless of the ship (new or old) you choose to sail. By reaching captain level 10 via this new system, more talent options will be unlocked, ensuring even further opportunities for ship & playstyle experimentation.

Thanks to your valuable feedback during previous testing phases, various balance tweaks will also be in effect during this closed beta. Weapon accuracy, firing range and rate of fire have all been considerably increased, giving participants the chance to spend more time fighting, less time travelling, and engage in battles from a farther distance than usual. If you wish to rule the skies, be prepared for astral battles that are far more tense and explosive than ever before!”

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