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Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Announced

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Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Announced

Devolver Digital and Croteam have just announced a new Serious Sam VR game  that will be coming to Steam Early Access later this Summer and will be as its title suggests exclusive to VR headsets.

The gamers will be able to select their preferred weaponry from the deck of their starship and then drop down right into the classic arcade FPS action in immersive VR with full motion controls. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it will be a on-rails shooters as you won’t be able to freely move.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope will feature hordes of enemies and you will be able to power-up your arsenal in-between missions and upgrade your abilities like dual wielding massive weapons or utilize a shield.

Check out the E3 Trailer:

“The gameplay looks like your typical Serious Sam action, complete with explosions and gore; however, with the drawbacks of VR, it would be surprising if you ran backwards at all. Your ammo count is displayed on the virtual guns, and the trailer features a bunch of classic Serious Sam enemies such as the Beheaded Kamikaze and the Gnaar.”

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