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Seinfeld Game is A Point and Click Adventure Waiting For Your Support

There is a project called Seinfeld Game, it’s being produced by Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon, the idea is to make a retro point and click adventure game based on the Seinfeld. In the game, Jerry, Elaine and George will relive some of ‘problems’ they went through in the sitcom.

The project is unofficial, the creators of the sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Davies, has not given permission to the developers to work on their IP. Janerka and Dixon are hoping to create new content in a way” that doesn’t conflict with the creator’s wishes, keeping the Seinfeld legacy strong for many years into the future.”

Seinfeld the sitcom, was aired during the nineties, spanning nine seasons and 180 episodes. The main characters, Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer had strong personalities, each unique and driven only by their selfish interests. Jerry who often acts as the voice of reason is a relaxed, optimistic comedian.

For a “show about nothing” Seinfeld has a surprisingly rich world. There are so many memorable recurring characters, plot lines and locations as the four protagonists navigate new relationships, jobs and rivals.

Developers already have an idea for the first episode of Seinfeld Adventure

Jerry is dating a publicist who accidentally reveals his email address to Kenny Bania through a group email. Now Bania fills Jerry’s inbox with a flurry of spam emails asking for feedback on his new stand-up set. Jerry decides to break up with the publicist over this, but he doesn’t want to deal with the interaction face-to-face.

Kramer suggests ending the relationship via email and avoiding it all together. Jerry does this before Elaine reminds him that the publicist was supposed to get them all tickets to the opening night of the new movie “Rochelle, Rochelle 2”.

George devises a plan to corrupt Jerry’s girlfriend’s computer before she can read her emails so that they can still collect the tickets. Kramer says he knows who can help. Someone with a sworn vendetta against email. Someone who has devoted their whole life to analogue mail and sees email as a threat to his livelihood. Someone named Newman.

Source: EuroGamer

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