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Sakura Wars Trailer
Sakura Wars Trailer

Sega Reveals a New Trailer for Sakura Wars

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Sega released today a new trailer for Sakura Wars one of their most iconic IPs, the game has not seen a release outside Japan, Sega announced that the game will launch on PS4 on April 28, 2020. The game features a poetic vision, a solid core of characters and a compelling story filled with intrigue, action and romance.

In the latest trailer, Sega displays the 1940s Tokyo and introduces players to the mission to restore their squad and the theater to prestige:


From the large clock tower atop Ginza train station, dominating the city skyline, to the captivating Imperial Theater standing tall at the heart of Tokyo, Sakura Wars exudes a world rich in historical inspiration and enriched with fantastical steampunk technology. The Taisho era represents a time of prosperity and optimism for Japan, an intersection of eastern and western cultures that creates a vibrant framework in which to take on the mantle of Seijuro Kamiyama and bring the Imperial Combat Revue back to glory!

Physical editions of Sakura Wars include a reversible cover featuring the original Japanese cover art for the game, along with a sticker set featuring the main cast of the game. Sakura Wars will feature Japanese voice acting with subtitles in English, German, French, and Spanish.

The upcoming Sakura Wars is a reboot of the franchise, Sega brought back the original creators and received the collaboration of Tite Kubo, Yukiko Horiguchi, BUNBUN, Fumikane Shimada, Ken Sugimori, Noizi Ito, Shigenori Soejima, and more for “a truly spectacular production.”

On Sakura Wars players will interact with a colorful cast of characters, the game implemented an original dynamic dialogue system called LIPS, whatever a player decides to say and the way it is said will have a powerful impact  both on and off the battlefield.  The combat system features giant steam-powered mechs called “spiricle armour” that can only be piloted by those with strong spiritual power. All of this is presented in the style of an “exciting anime production complete with gorgeous animated sequences and dramatic character arcs”

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