Second Extinction

Second Extinction Will Feature Cross-Play

The development team at Systemic Reaction released a new development update post for their co-op dinosaur shooter. It’s now confirmed that Second Extinction will feature cross-play functionality between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when available.

Systemic Reaction’s cooperative dinosaur shooter was recently announced for Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in Spring. The game has already had positive reception on Steam Early Access since its release in October.

What we will be doing

Our year will be pretty intense; the roadmap graphic doesn’t include all we are doing! In-game communications, a better tutorial experience, and gamepad mapping are some of the most requested features from our playerbase, so we’re happy to put them up there. Cross-play is another exciting feature that is a first for Avalanche Studios in general.

There is also a myriad of other suggestions, improvements, features, and tweaks that aren’t shown on the map but are things we are working on – we just don’t have an ETA on delivery yet. Also, we will keep looking at gameplay information and the community polls to help tweak a lot of systems. Having more things to do in Expedition Mode, as an example, is something we heard you say in our Discord poll a few weeks back.

The Early Access of Second Extinction features the fast-paced FPS combat, player progression, and rewards that will be present on the final version of the game. The Xbox Game Preview and the Steam Early Access allow the development team to get the needed feedback and adjust the project on the foundations of fans’ requests.

The current state of the game features:

  • 1-3 player online co-op fast-paced FPS action
  • A large open map set in the frozen tundra broken into 7 regions with dynamic weather, different time of days, insertion and extraction points, spawning of enemies, and activities.
  • The War Effort – Community-driven metagame, where players’ actions alter map status including region threat system altering difficulty, enemies, activities, and triggering Emergency Events.
  • 6 missions to be replayed and mastered with a 5-star scoring system
  • 12 different activities, optional for players to take on during missions
  • 4 unique characters falling into 3 classes, with unique abilities (X 3) voice cast and skins
  • 10 Enemy dinosaur types ranging from troops to larger specials.
  • Equipment – 10 weapons with unique upgrade paths, perks, and skins, 6 grenades, and 6 payloads to call in.
  • Player profile leveling from 1-25 and personal best stats. Levels unlock contracts, a new weapon, and kits for your heroes
  • Contracts – Additional challenges that update weekly and give additional and unique awards
  • Steam Achievements
  • Text fully localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

Systemic Reaction is a separate division of Avalanche Studios, the main goal of the team is to produce games “with the community in mind.” Reaction implies the studio’s vision to respond and please the fans’ requests.

Take part in this survey organized by Systemic Reaction and help them shape the world of  Second Extinction.

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3 years ago

IF you make it A Battle royal vs Dinosaurs and other Teams that’s A great way to build Skill And team deathmatch That’s A Great Update Idea