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Sea of Thieves Gets 120 FPS Support on Xbox Series X

Sea of Thieves: Season One is finally available, the new update introduces a new performance mode on Xbox Series X that supports 120 FPS at 1080p.

While our first content update of 2021 delivers lots of new and exciting features, it also brings a key technical update. With this release, Sea of Thieves running on Xbox Series X gets a Performance Mode option – enabling a stunningly silky 120 frames per second at 1080p for pirates who want to prioritise fluidity.

Found in the Settings menu, this mode requires players to have a TV capable of supporting 120hz before it can be switched on, but those who do will be able to activate 120fps at 1080p as an alternative to 60fps at 4K. Talk about smooth sailing!

According to Xbox, the new version was built using the Xbox Series X|S development kit, this means that Sea of Thieves is designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S.

Ready to begin your journey through the Seasons? A new era for Sea of Thieves kicks off, conveniently, with Season One. It’s time to start raising your Renown, trampling Trials, scouting for shipments, and snaffling souls in one of our biggest and most action-packed updates yet!

Here is what’s new on Sea of Thieves: Season One :

  • New Seasonal Progression system
  • 100 levels of Renown and rewards, free for all
  • Pirate Legend-exclusive unlocks
  • New Merchant Alliance Voyage type
  • Fresh Events
  • Plunder Pass

Rare also announced a redesign on the way that players communicate in The Arena. Now, during active Arena gameplay, cross-crew voice chat and cross-crew text chat are now restricted, leaving non-verbal as the only cross-crew communication option. Players can continue to communicate within their own crew using all available communication options.

Sea of Thieves Season One also introduces a permanent Voyage type, new time-limited in-game events, more cosmetics to unlock, and some gameplay improvements for the PvP Arena mode. Rare confirmed last month that these kinds of seasonal updates will be the way to introduce new content to the game.

Source: Patch Notes

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