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Pirates from Sea of Thieves
Pirates from Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves – Festival of The Damned Pro Full Guide with All Commendations

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Sea of Thieves – Festival of The Damned Pro Full Guide with All Commendations

Sea of Thieves latest Bilge Rat adventure – Festival of the Damned has been live for a little bit over a day and we are here to help you all fellow pirates out. Welcome to our latest full pro guide for Festival of the Damned where we show you and explain to you how to get each and every commendation, what rewards you can get and what’s the fastest way to do it and what kind of content is actually involved.

In Festival of the Damned there is now a brand new death mechanic that works based of how you die in the world of Sea of Thieves. For example if you die by a shark you’re able to get a blue Flame of Fate, if you die by a volcano in the Devil’s Roar then you can get the red Flame of Fate and so on. There are a total of six different colors that you can get in the Festival of Damned. Check out the video or the list below on how to get them, getting each color awards a commendation. Each commendation is worth about 5 doubloons, which will grant you a total of 30 for the six different commendations.

  • Red – Die by a volcano in Devil’s Roar
  • Blue – Die by a shark in the water
  • White – Die by lightning in a storm
  • Green – Die by a skeleton
  • Pink – Die by an enemy player pirate (alliance pirates work too)
  • Purple – Die by venom from a snake

Check out the video above for visual aid on how to get each of the colors

The hardest commendation in the Festival of the Damned is the one that requires you to light up your boat with five different colors (Yes not six) just five as long as they’re all different. This means that your boat has to stay afloat and getting in combat or sinking is not a very good idea. It is recommended to travel with a friend. The first light color we recommend that you get is a white one simply because dying in a storm can be dangerous later down the road, so it’s nice to get that out of the way first when you do not have any colors to begin with. After you get your white flame, the order doesn’t really matter anymore since most of them are easy, although I would simply avoid getting the pink flame because that involves you in getting into combat unless you have a really trust worthy alliance.

Simply said I would recommend you get the following colors white, green, blue, purple and red. Also, sometimes you may find other flames already lighten up on the beacons across different islands, if you see a color that you do not have then exchange it with your lantern to get this commendation out of the way, because once the commendation is yours then everything else is super easy and can be done at your own pace without pressure.

Another commendation requires you to get into an alliance with another ship and light up all of your lanterns on both ships of the same color. So if you’re boat is all blue then the alliance ship must also be all blue. This is actually a really easy commendation, just find a fellow player and try to communicate with them and let them know they will get doubloons for doing this and use it as positive reinforcement for the alliance player to help you out. Well in this case, you’re both benefiting.

The other commendation that might take you a bit is lightning up all of the 12 islands in the world of Sea of Thieves across the 4 different regions including Shores of Plenty, Ancient Isles, The Wilds and Devil’s Roar. Each region has a total of 3 islands that have beacons that need to be lit up, if they’re already lit up by someone else then simply just replace the beacon’s color. You can see which islands you need in the video above or in the list down below.

Shore of Plenty

  • Mermaids Hideaway
  • Cannon Cove (This one requires a cannon) park your boat a decent distance to the east of the islands and cannon yourself to the west, but honestly just refer to the video for a much better visual aid
  • Smuggler’s Ba

Ancient Isles

  • Plunder Valley
  • Crook’s Hollow
  • Devil’s Ridge

The Wilds

  • Marauder’s Arch
  • Crooked Mast (This one requires a cannon) park your boat somewhat close to the island on the north side and aim the cannon very high up, but honestly just refer to the video for a much better visual aid
  • Kraken’s Fall

Devil’s Roar

  • Devil’s Thirst
  • Ruby’s Fall
  • Fetcher’s Rest

Once you get all the 12 islands you will get a commendation that will reward you with a legendary title and a crap ton of doubloons. Congratulations, you have completed all of Festival of the Damned commendations and gotten all the rewards. See you in the next update pirate!



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