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Sea of Thieves Steam
Sea of Thieves Steam

Sea of Thieves Coming Soon to Steam

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Xbox Game Studios is thrilled to announce, that the critically acclaimed Sea of Thieves will be releasing on Steam. The Steam version of the game will allow cross play with Xbox One users. A launch date has not been set, but Steam’s announcement says that a launch date will be revealed soon.

If you’re seeking the full, glorious sweep of the pirate life, you can dive head-first into Adventure mode where you’re sure to find a wealth of secrets and plunder, guarded by more enemies than you can shake a blunderbuss at. For those looking for a more PvP (Pirate versus Pirate) experience, the Sea Dogs are waiting in The Arena, where you can test your skill against other aspiring champions.

Sea of Thieves has always been about incredible pirate adventures where you never know who or what is just over the horizon,” said Rare’s Studio Head Craig Duncan. “The team at Rare continue to evolve Sea of Thieves, adding more variety and content so that every new voyage feels rich and fulfilling as you make friends and foes on the seas. We’re genuinely thrilled to bring Sea of Thieves to Steam, and look forward to welcoming the Steam community to our game so we can share a grog and a shanty together and hear the tales of their adventures!”

Developed by Rare and published by Xbox Game Studios, Sea of Thieves is one of the most successful Xbox One IPs, focusing on the co-op multiplayer, the game features an uniquely horizontal progression system, this means that players can set sail again at any time and not be at a disadvantage against other players. This approach has been proved successful for the game as it has recently managed to get over 10 million players since its launch on March 20, 2018 for PC and Xbox One.

Back in January, Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare teased that the studio has big plans for Sea of Thieves. Rare has been working non stop delivering updates and events since the game released, 38 things have been added to the living breathing world. Adding cross-play and Steam players will only make the game even better.

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