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Sci-fi Horror ‘Phantaruk’ Arrives in August

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Sci-fi Horror ‘Phantaruk’ Arrives in August

The developer behind Phantaruk – Polyslash – invites you to board the spaceship Purity-02, where the true survival horror experience awaits anyone who dares to enter. The game releases in August and we want you to learn about what you might expect in the dark corridors of Purity-02. Phantaruk is an FPP horror game which combines survival horror with adventure and stealth game. Expect true shivers down your spine as you fight for your life not only when facing the dangers roaming dark corridors, but most of all – when you try to get rid of toxins continually destroying you from the inside…

For long has the humanity been constrained by limits of human body. Most have accepted the imperfection of flesh, but some sought for liberation. To pursue the dream of creating a post-human being – to achieve ideas of transhumanism – is the driving force behind H+ Corporation. Within its facilities technology and homo sapiens became one entity. An organism devoid of humanity’s biological weaknesses.

The player – a victim of expertiments – lands on board of the spaceship Purity-02, which is the cradle of research carried out in this field by H+ Corporation. The idyll ends when we realize that Purity-02 is an almost completely deserted, deadly trap. A mythical beast of the mysterious name Phantaruk roams the ship’s corridor. The monster has only one purpose – to kill everything in sight.

Phantaruk is going to be released on Steam for PC and possibly Mac/Linux in August. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are under consideration.

Check out the teaser Trailer:

“When designing locations we aimed for the feeling of claustrophobia, we wanted to corner the player just like Dead Space did. Purity-02 is dirty, dark and full of heavy atmosphere. The engineering sections are composed of steel and rust but on the other hand we have medical and administration quarters which are very, very bloody. There is a lot of tight corridors and some open space areas which make confrontations with the enemy much more exciting.”

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